23 февр. 2014 г.

The largest importers and exporters of nutmeg and walnuts in the world.

The main importers of nuts and kernels of nuts are the countries of the European Community , Japan , Canada , Brazil , Israel , Australia and others.
The largest exporting country is U.S. WALNUTS (almost two thirds of sales) , most production is done in European Community countries (over 80 %). France export annually sells more than 8000 tons walnut shell .
Comparatively small amounts of nuts in the shell export selling Cili , China , Bulgaria , Hungary and Moldova. Production which is not homogenous because pronounced polimorfizmului plantations as a result of long multiplication pecan nuts by direct seeding .
The greatest amount of hazelnuts made ​​the world market is of American origin ( 20 % of sales ) .
Large quantities of hazelnuts in the world market made ​​China , India, Romania , Republic of Moldova.
The largest importer of walnuts in the U.S. is Japan , which absorbs about half of the production exported. The core of walnuts in the U.S. is purchased from European Community countries , Canada , Israel and South Korea.
China is the second largest exporter of hazelnuts in the world market .