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23 февр. 2014 г.

The expenses necessary for the walnut grove plantation in Moldova. How to plant your own walnut plantation orchard on 10 ha sup.

The expenses necessary for the walnut grove plantation in Moldova on a plot of 10 hectares.
- During which mature walnut tree is 7-8 years;
- After Seedlings , already in its third year , when the first fruit in a small amount (eg, a variety of solid walnut French origin named Lara comes to bear fruit 3-4 years after planting ) , 15 kg of nuts to hectare , 33 % of which is the core of a single tree .
- Fall planting is done at a distance of about 13 to 15 feet between trees and 13-15 meters between rows ;
- Optimal density is between 85-100 trees / ha , depending on the variety chosen;
- Walnut varieties recommended for planting are Moldovan , adapted to the climate and soil of us like Valcea, haywire , Jupanesti , Valrex etc.
- The cost of a tree varies between 15 and 20 dollars depending on the variety, instead of getting the villages of Northern Moldavia , etc.
- Holes must have a depth of 50-60 inches , and each will enter pit before planting , about 20 kg of manure fermented ( mranita ) and straw 50 % / 50 % as in how hultuirii place juveniles to be on the surface ? ;
- Walnut plantations are established only on favorable land in specific areas of this crop , the land being cleared of woody vegetation , then 3-4 years cultivating legumes , perennial or annual crop is established after the walnut .
- Fertilization is based on the direction of turn every tree , soil preparation is done by subsoiling or digging large planting.

After you have informed how to start such a deal with the walnut grove plantation must take into account a very important thing , namely what expenses are subject in its infancy . According to experts these costs ( incurred until the trees begin to bear fruit ) for a nut plantation on a land of 10 hectares are approximated around 16 000 $ and include:

One . purchase trees , 1,000 trees X $ 15 = $ 15,000
if not planted walnut seedlings but even then the cost of acquisition of juveniles for grove is $ 300 for a plot of 10 hectares
Two . specific agricultural works ( digging holes , restricting land, etc. ) $ 1,500 / year
Three . combating diseases and pests ; $ 400 / year
April . angajatilor.400 pay $ / year

Once the nut plantation begins to bear fruit can be obtained annually from 2.5 to 3 tons of nuts / hectare according to certain climatic factors . The resulting amount of core is 33 % of the nuts can be sold on the EU market , bringing you average $ 10,000 per year , while operating costs per hectare in the brief can not exceed 1,000 euro / year.

According to experts , the investment pays for itself after two years of entering the fruit of the plantation , who can prove return on average up to 35-80 years of existence .

A very important detail is that after the dismantling of the plantation , Walnut result you can capitalize on the foreign market as raw material for furniture production ( eg for a cubic meter of wood is paying on average between 1,500 and 2,000 euros ) .

Today in Europe there is a deficit estimated between 80,000 and 100,000 tons of walnuts . Market is free and you should know that walnut does not grow anywhere. Among major countries producing crops of nuts there are: Morocco , USA Mexico , Chile , Argentina , China , Turkey , Ukraine , Romania , Russia, Italy , Iran .

It is very important to know for those interested to enter into a business such as export of finished product is much more profitable than exporting raw nuts such as : natural product in vacuum bags with small table (from 100 to 500 gr.) , honey , nuts and honey extracts alcohol walnuts in prunes, cosmetics and pharmaceutical and more.