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23 февр. 2014 г.

What is the area of walnut plantings in Moldova in 2014 and what is the amount of nut products exported from the Republic of Moldova?

In 2020 walnut plantings in Moldova should reach at least 14 000 hectares and unpeeled walnuts harvest to be 60 000 tons , which would have provided a considerable increase in exports nutmeg up to 15 000 tons, according to National Programme for the Development of nut crops . But in reality, things are different , and our country has already planted 11 000 hectares of walnut orchard and fruit , experts say , it looks rich . "Indeed , increased by more territories with nuts . In that program is specified planting one thousand hectares per year, but I have already exceeded this requirement , "said Constantin Gajim , executive director of the Union of Producers of nut crops in the country .
The idea of extending surfaces walnut orchards , plantations increased productivity , and improved quality nuts was generated by a growing demand in the European market increased nut and more, their deficit in the European market in recent years, exceeding 100 thousand tons walnuts in shell . For comparison , according to the Land Registry , walnut plantings on 1 January 2011 was about 11 thousand hectares.
The total production of walnuts in Republic of Moldova is 22,000 tones or 6600 tons of nuts core per year , much of which is consumed by the population of Moldova and the rest is exported to Romania , Russia, Ukraine , France, USA and Germany.